Nobody enjoys feeling under the weather, especially when battling the flu. Suffering from fever and pain for an extended period is not necessary. At Arizona IV, we provide a solution with our IV therapy for the flu, designed to rehydrate your body, replenish lost nutrients, and alleviate flu symptoms. To further ease pain, we incorporate an anti-inflammatory treatment into the IV, along with essential vitamins and minerals to boost your immune system and expedite your recovery.

Our recommended infusion for flu relief is the Myers’ Cocktail, a powerful blend of normal saline, MagnesiumCL, Dexapanthenol (B5), Thiamine (B1), Riboflavin-5-Phosphate (B2), Pyridoxine HCL (B6), Niacinamide (B3), Calcium Gluconate g, Hydroxocobalamin (B12), and Ascorbic Acid (C). This combination energizes your body, strengthens your immune system, and aids in fighting illness. Saline ensures optimal hydration and improved absorption, Vitamin B12 enhances energy levels and supports immune function, Vitamin C aids in illness resistance, and magnesium promotes the proper functioning of nerves, the cardiovascular system, and the immune system.

Recommended IV Drip for the Flu:
Our top recommendation for flu symptoms is the Myers’ Cocktail. This IV is specifically formulated to alleviate even the most severe flu symptoms, addressing aches, pains, migraines, and the overall feeling of sickness.

Symptoms of the Flu:
If you’re experiencing any of the following symptoms, you might be dealing with the flu:

  • Nasal congestion: Improper sinus drainage due to the flu can lead to nasal congestion.
  • Sore throat: Resulting from repeated coughing associated with the flu, starting as a scratchy, irritated throat.
  • Fever over 100.4: A sign that your immune system is actively fighting an illness or infection.
  • Chills and sweats: Often experienced before the onset of a fever, accompanied by body aches.
  • Fatigue and weakness: Early signs of flu, usually more severe than with other illnesses like the common cold.
  • Dry and persistent cough: Influenza virus irritation in the airways can lead to persistent coughing.
  • Headache/migraine: Occurs as a result of the body’s immune response to the flu infection.
  • Nausea: Although less common in adults, it can occur in children.
  • Chest pressure: Inflammation in the lungs and chest cavity can cause pressure and pains.
  • Swollen lymph nodes: Viral infections, including the flu, can lead to swollen lymph nodes.

Don’t let the flu symptoms linger. Feel better faster, and start your journey to wellness.