Athletes understand the critical role proper hydration plays in performance and speedy recovery. Dehydration can adversely affect performance by:

  • Reducing the heart’s pumping efficiency
  • Diminishing oxygen flow to active muscles
  • Hastening premature fatigue

Additionally, dehydration hampers the body’s ability to eliminate exercise by-products, contributing to sluggish recovery. Discover how IV therapy tailored for athletes can elevate performance and expedite recovery.

Recommended Package:
For post-event recovery or pre-event preparation, our top recommendation is our Recovery, Performance & Metabolism IV.
IV therapy provides athletes with a convenient method to attain optimal hydration, coupled with a boost of essential vitamins, fluids, and antioxidants.

When Athletes Should Consider IV Therapy

Identifying the optimal times for athletes to leverage intravenous infusions and IV drips is crucial.

Post-Event for Endurance Athletics
Endurance sports like football, soccer, or running deplete vital vitamins and minerals alongside water. While water and sports drinks partially replenish these, IV infusions offer a comprehensive solution, swiftly rehydrating the body by bypassing the digestive system.

Pre-Event for Weight-Cutting Events
IV drip therapy proves invaluable for weight-cutting events or high-heat exposure. Essential vitamins and minerals support optimal bodily function and aid in weight loss. Athletes in wrestling, boxing, MMA, or similar sports gain a performance edge with athlete-specific IV treatments. The ideal time for IV rehydration is immediately after achieving the desired weight, providing an extended recovery window.

Is IV Therapy Legal for Athletes?

IV therapy is legal, but athletes must check their sport’s governing bodies for approval. WADA and USADA tested athletes, as well as Arizona Boxing Commission-licensed athletes following the USADA standard, prohibit IV hydration. Some exceptions may apply, with restrictions on amounts or competition times. WADA, for instance, allows IV therapy in amounts of 100mL or less per 12-hour period. Athletes should always confirm with their governing bodies to adhere to specific rules.

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Athletes demand peak performance from their bodies, necessitating both pre-event hydration and post-event recovery. IV infusions address both needs, providing hydration and nutrients conveniently at home.

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